Not Living In The Past

Not Living In The Past

Today in church I had a long train of thoughts that brought me all the way to this idea. We cannot wish for the past to be in the present.

Here is how it started:
I was looking up at the skylights in church. (Clearly engaged in the words of the homily)
I thought about making cookies.
Do I have enough time to make cookies?
Maybe I should make caramel popcorn instead.
I’ve never made caramel popcorn.
Maybe I should buy those popcorn tins I saw at Walgreens.
Emily used to work at Walgreens.
I loved it when she worked there.
How long ago was that?
Oh wow. It was 7 freaking years ago!
Man, I miss those days. I can still see her there.
She used to tell me about all the gifts that I could buy at Christmas from Walgreens.

So there’s that thought train. Have you ever heard people say, I wish my kids could stay this age forever? Here is a crazy idea. What IF they could stay that age forever? Then what would you wish for? Would you perhaps wish that they could be a little bit older and more self sufficient and independent or maybe even make their own bowl of cereal?

If Emily still worked at Walgreens as her 18 year old self, here is what I would have missed in the last 7 years of her life:

Dropping her off at college and me crying for an entire month because I missed my baby. Watching her switch majors 3 times, make new friends, live on her own, develop into an unbelievable adult, graduate from college, get engaged, move to St. Louis, get a real job, move into an apartment, switch jobs, get married, get pregnant, put a contract on a new home!

I cannot imagine missing out on all of these milestones of her life just because I selfishly wanted her to stay 18 years old forever. Living in the past and longing for it to be the present, will not serve us in finding our joy. The next time you think to yourself that you wish time could stand still, think about completely and utterly enjoying every moment of the day. Cast aside all your fears, worries and anxieties. Put your trust and faith in the belief that God WILL take care of your present and future and he wants us to grow. Growth only happens in the future. I am betting God never says he wishes we would stay 18, 32, or 50 forever. He has the playbook and he has some amazing things already set up for all of us in the game of life!

With joy you will draw water at the fountain of salvation. Isaiah 12:2


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