Every Day Life

Every Day Life

Every Day Life

Happy First Day of Spring!! Praise Jesus that the sun, flowers and warm air are soon to be a part of our every day life. Speaking of every day life, I want to share with you a snippet of my every day life and where I hope, plan and dream that this blog will go in the very near future. I am a Midwest married gal with 3 adult children, aka empty nester, who lives in a flyover state, and soon to be first time grandma! Yay! I consider myself a fashionista who enjoys a glass of wine, or a gin and tonic (depending on the social event) and I am not afraid to profess my love of Jesus and I will pray for you if you ask me!

I work from home with my husband. He is not actually in the office daily like I am, but we work together nonetheless. We run a trucking company that we started the month before we got married. I joke that he can’t remember anything about our wedding because he was so jacked up and excited about owning a truck! I take care of all the paperwork, billing, payroll, reporting and all the other necessary paperwork. Big Tony drives one of the trucks periodically and also takes care of the dispatching, driver challenges, maintenance, etc.

We also run our own farming operation. And by “we” I mean, he does most of the work and I am the shuttle girl, lunch or beverage lady, cattle checker (sometimes) and the implement hauler. I am a basic office chic who wears lots of hats which include secretary/trucker/farmer. Every day is a new set of challenges with the drivers, cattle, weather and customers.

With all these challenges on the daily, how do I cope and maintain a sense of joy? Well, I’m glad you asked! One of the first things I do is allow myself to indulge in my favorite coffee which happens to be Dunkin Donuts original blend. I like it straight up hot with no sugar or creamer.

Another important thing I do every day is dress like I am going to work. I actually do work in an office inside my home, but I behave as if I work in a corporate setting. I conscientiously choose to wear office attire, fix my hair, put on makeup and am always rocking my Touchstone Crystal arm party! I learned early on in life that I was not a sweat pant, sweatshirt, slippers kind of gal. I admire people who can crank out work like a beast when they are dressed in their jammies sitting in their home office. I am not that person. If I feel slouchy or grungy then I have a very hard time getting motivated to accomplish all my paperwork for the day. Is anyone else feeling me?

Living in a small town, you inevitably run into someone that you know almost every time you go “up town”. I recently read that people judge you within 7 seconds of seeing you whether it’s an interaction or from a distance. Seven seconds!! The impression that I want to leave on folks is that I am taking my life and my job seriously. Because I truly do!

Do I like my life and my job? Yes. A resounding YES! Growing up my dream was to work in New York City, wear a pencil skirt and walk around carrying a briefcase. I clearly had defined my goals! ha! My goals did not include a lifestyle involving trucks or cows. However, God planted my family in Missouri when I was in 4th grade and we stayed here.

Future posts will include more details about the many hats I wear, in hopes that you will be encouraged to know that everything we do in life won’t be frills and flowers but we can still expect to find joy in our every day life. I want you to realize that we can all do lots of things in our lives that we never ever planned for or dreamed about. We should be open to new possibilities and opportunities. Sometimes these new possibilities and opportunities yield us the greatest rewards. No matter what cycle of life you are in, what goals you haven’t accomplished yet, or where you live geographically, I can promise you that there are many, many seeds planted within you by God. He planted these seeds of greatness, skills and talents the day He created you! Step out into your life and start living YOUR dreams so you can find your joy in every day life!

I’d love to hear about your job, life or relationships and what you enjoy about them in your every day life. Let’s learn from each other, shall we?

Until then,

Live Pure


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